Style Stud Of The Week: Jill Kargman

4ffc3f405ab1e2d6ddccdb4321531270I never understood the people who would roll their eyes at the Real Housewives franchise and be all, “how can you watch this rubbish?!” To me it was an excuse to put my brain on the shelf and drool as I watch these fantastically rich women shop, eat, and bicker over meaningless drama. After a long annoying day, nothing is better than a little escape, am I right?

But it happened. Recently I had to turn off a Real Housewives of NY episode mid-way through because I couldn’t take it. I just can’t deal with eight women screaming at each other for a solid hour. When you feel like you need to pop a Xanax whilst watching a reality show … it means it is time to shut it down. 

So when my best friend mentioned to me how “Odd Mom Out“, a scripted show by Bravo, was actually entertaining, I had no other option than to give it a whirl. While I may have given up on the RHONY, I wasn’t about to give up on Bravo as whole. That is just crazy talk.

And that is when I met my new best friend (sorry current best friend), Jill Kargman. I want to shop with her. I want to drink with her. I want to make fun of people with her. I want to eat a whole baguette with her. I want to braid her hair (wait … what?). I didn’t even know there was this massive void in my life until I became one with this amazing show (by the way how creepy do I sound right now?).

As someone who loathes snobby people, is an eye rolling perfectionist, loves carbs, and wears all black all day errday … Jill Kargman, the star of Odd Mom Out, is now my soul sister. I’ve declared it. Anyone who has their outfit complimented by a gay man as, “it’s like Marc Jacobs had a threesome with Morticia Adams and Karl Lagerfeld’s angrogenous sister,” is destined to be my soul sister.

Not to mention her catchphrases are brilliant … some of which I’m working overtime trying to incorporate into my every day lexicon. I’ll only dazzle you with a few as I could go on forevski (stolen from Jill Kargman).

“Let’s get the check-oslovakia.”

“Thigh plus ass equals thass” 

“Donuts are just gay bagels.”

Listen … I know I usually premiere “Style Stud” of the week on Friday, but this is a “holiday” week and I make the rules up in this bitch, so I’m breaking them. Jill Kargman of Odd Mom Out, you are the Style Stud of the week on Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra, because you’re smart, stylish, bad ass, sarcastic, extraordinarily witty, and show women you don’t need to turn into a robot freak of nature only focused on kids and kid-related topics once you procreate. 

Cheers and let’s get cocktails, kay? 

Style Stud Of The Week: Geoff Peirce

art-museum-hottieThe idea of exercising in this heat, let alone outdoors, on the Art Museum steps, with my shirt off, makes me want to crawl back into bed and take a long nap. But for Geoff Peirce, the simple act of getting his fitness on turned him from regular handsome dude, to the Justin Timberlake of Philly. 

Personally I found the whole ordeal fascinating. You wake up one day, do your normal routine, and hours later find out some guy (Hi, Hugh E!) was taking your picture and it’s all over the interwebs and Philly news outlets?! What?! 

So ladies, and gay gents, prepare yourselves, and try not to swoon TOO hard, as I give you a deeper dive into the life of Geoff Peirce, the latest dreamboat to roll into Philly. 

Tell me a little about yourself … age, what you do for a living, what you like to for fun?

Im 27 years old. My full-time job is as a product manager of indoor air quality for my families company Peirce-Phelps Inc. and my part-time job on the side is as a fitness model and actor. I obviously love to be active in the city and workout in many different forms from calisthenics, power lifting, Olympic lifting, plain old body building, and cross fit. I really can’t get enough when playing sports, too. I am a huge soccer, volleyball, and tennis player, but can also dominate the field in ping pong and fuse ball (all challengers welcome)

What does it feel like to be one of the most desired men in Philly?

It’s pretty odd, but cool at the same time. Doesn’t really register with me. I have always been a friendly outgoing person, in my own opinion, and this attention recently has been a surprise. I don’t mind the attention, but I would hope to use it in order to make other, more important things, relevant to the masses.

Where is your favorite place to shop in Philly?

My favorite spot to shop in Philadelphia is Lululemon (haha). I love the selection of guys stuff for casual wear. I only really wear their shorts to workout in but if I’m going somewhere casual and still want to bring some style I wear Lululemon. As for higher fashion I hit Macy’s as well as South Moon Under for a bunch of looks.

Obviously you’re just a little on the athletic side (kidding), how would you define your workout style? Is there a style to a workout look, or is it more of just pick out a t-shirt and shorts and go?

This is a great question. Everyone who is part of the gym scene either knows there is a style or should take this information I am about to give right now and recognize its truth. Style is very much a part of the gym. Dress partially for the functionality of the exercise you do such as running shoes and shorts for runners, maybe a sleeveless shirt if you are going to be doing motions that require more arm flexibility. My personal style is I dress as if I were a professional athlete at the gym. I wear Nike combat compression or slim fit shirts that support proper form and help the visibility of what you are doing. I also wear Lululemon pace-breakers since they have built-in compression shorts that are crazy comfortable to squat in. Everything has to be colored correctly. No dark blues and blacks and no lose shirts with tight shorts. The goal is show your bodies best form so you can be aware of the changes you would like to make as you’re working out.

A lot of men are turned off by the idea of “manscaping” or getting pedicures … going to salons. How do you feel about that kind of “man maintenance”?

(Haha) I am personally for it … but to degree. Trimming should be a must unless you got a Gaston or lumber jack look going on. If you don’t like that hair on a women she probably doesn’t like that hair on you. I don’t get pedicures but I have always had my hair cut at the same salon since I was a kid and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

Have to ask, what is a trend women are rocking right now that you hate and why?

That’s a hard one. I generally like styles of all kinds if the person can rock it confidently. The only problems I have thus far are those aviator and large sunglasses covering the entire face as well as the parachute floral pants that basically give sweatpants a high-end alternative. The sunglasses make a couple girls look like bugs and for some other women it makes them look almost identical. I have had double takes on many occasions thinking I saw the same person 4 different times.

I see that you’re single. Are you just enjoying the single life for right now? 

I am indeed enjoying the single life right now but am now more open to the idea of commitment. I always pretty much knew what I liked and what works with my personality and lifestyle but I think I am ready to accept that I may need to make changes to my own lifestyle to really date someone effectively with long term goals in mind.

How do you feel is the most effective way to meet ladies? 

I feel meeting people through friends and friends of friend’s at large events or parties is the most effective way to get things going in the right direction. By having a mutual friend or someone each person knows around pretty much endorses someone for not being a complete weirdo … something I think that lacks on the online dating apps. Also, you are right there in person face-to-face, no pictures or photos or nonsense to worry about. What you see is what you get and I like that. Being in one of those larger parties or at a concert or sporting event tailgate I think it also gives you a relaxed atmosphere to be yourself and to also have fun regardless of trying to meet someone or not. For the guys that stay strictly to the bar scene I recommend staying close to the bar if not right up on it … all the weird stuff happens up at the bar if you hang around long enough.

Style Stud: Chloe + Isabel

CaptureIf you haven’t noticed by my rants, my Instagram feed, my tweets, and if you recall my picture tour of my bedroom, you all are well aware of the fact that I’m a huge whore for jewelry. I’m not talking like Elizabeth Taylor diamonds or anything (they make me nervous), but straight up costume jewelry is my idea of heaven. My mom tells me my grand kids, if they happen to be girls, will be super pumped about my addiction, but the idea of having kids let alone THEIR kids playing with my jewelry makes me break out in hives. So … moving on!

You can imagine how thrilled I was to meet the lovely people over at Chloe + Isabel. I live for getting the opportunity to meet new jewelry brands and the people behind them, while getting a real-time, up close and personal experience with the product. What can I say, I like to get intimate with my jewels (not in a weird dysfunctional way, freaks, calm down).

With me, packaging is everything. And opening my package from Chloe + Isabel did NOT disappoint. I actually opened it with my mom peering over my shoulder as she is just as much of a jewelry whore as I am (apple doesn’t fall far, am I right?). It went a little something like …

Mom: OMG is that a bird cut out?! What! Give me that! :::hangs felt bird on cabinet:::
Mom: Holy crap, are you wearing these pieces tomorrow?!
Me: No? :::barely even opening the box:::
Mom: Good because they so go with what I’m wearing. They are mine.

So yeah … I had the products for about two seconds before the got confiscated by a woman who plans out her outfits, and irons them, days in advance. Love ya, Ma.

The packaging is too cute, the perfect thing to send to a friend for a birthday or just a little “happy happy” as my crazed family likes to call random gifts. It comes with a little inspiring note on the packaging, which hey, we all could use whether you want to admit it or not. And my favorite was that my bracelet came in a little tiny tote-like bag, that I just wanted to squeeze out of not being able to control how cute it was (I’m a freak, I get it).

So even though my mom stole my jewelry, once I get it back from her (if I ever do, she’s got a fierce grip), I’m really excited to style these eclectic pieces. There is truly something for everyone, so no excuse not to buy yourself a little treat … because it’s Friday, it’s officially spring, and it’s God damn snowing, for crying out loud.

Big thanks to Jen over at Chloe + Isabel! She’s your go-to gal. Tell her Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra sent you.