Style Stud: Nicole Angemi of iHeartAutopsy

ce9cf13f-00bd-4a0b-af73-338b9838c922I discovered Nicole Angemi in an interview she did with Philly Mag last summer. The article was entitled “Meet the Local Hospital Worker Who Posts Autopsy Photos on Instagram,” and immediately I needed to know more. My curiosity got even worse when I saw the “local hospital worker” was this rad looking chick covered in tattoos.

And you know me, I love a stylish, bad ass looking chick.

With over 800,000 followers on Instagram, Nicole has this magnetizing way of drawing you in to her world of severed limbs and chest cavities with swords sticking out of them (LITERALLY … it was awesome). I normally don’t enjoy shit like that, but I find myself continuously scrolling through her Instagram account with one eye opened. It’s disgustingly addictive, what can I say.

Oh, and if you have a “tough mother” in your life, be sure to check out Nicole’s iHeartAutopsy line, and score your mama a “Dura Mater” t-shirt.

I want one and I haven’t even spawned yet.

What is your favorite piece in your closet currently? My custom Ben Venom battle jacket and my Valentino flats which were my push present from my husband for my middle daughter Lillian.


Where can we find you on an average spring Saturday afternoon? The Philadelphia Zoo

Your nails are notoriously rad. Where do you get them done and how long does it take? Ruby at Top Nails and Spa in Collingswood. It takes about 2 hours and I go every 3 weeks.  

Is it hard to work with nails like that? No. Everyone always asks me that. I have had nails all my life so I am used to them. Sometimes they actually help me dissect. 

What is your most beloved part of your job? When I get a really challenging specimen/autopsy with distorted anatomy and pathology and I have to take time to determine what the problem is. I also love very simple cases that have textbook pathology too. I always thought it was very cool to open a body and find exactly what I learned in school. 


You can’t show a nipple on Instagram, yet your feed is all random body parts. What is the trick to getting away with it? A nipple can’t be shown because Instagram has to draw a line with nudity otherwise hardcore porn shots will start showing up in your feed. The photos I post are within the guidelines of Instagram’s rules and do not show nudity or violence. 

Describe your style in 4 words: Modern, morbid, monochromatic, mompunk, 

I’m sure you get asked a lot of crazed questions about your profession. Which your least favorite and why? Are you scared of dead people? No! I’m scared of the live ones! 


Your tattoos are beautiful. Is there any rhyme or reason what you get or where you decide to place it? My earlier tattoos were picked based on design alone. As I have gotten older, my tattoos have become more sentimental and every one has a special meaning. At this point I just get one wherever I have room! 

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist in Philly? Pat Haney

Do you have plans for your next tattoo? Yes. My husband and I are getting matching coffee/Wawa themed tattoos for our 8th anniversary because we met there. 

Favorite store in Philly? The Strange and Unusual 


Your may be the red lipstick queen. What is your go-to brand? Mac makeup-always 

Who/what inspires you? Family/friends in my life who are doing positive things and constantly pushing themselves to do better. When you surround yourself with people who are always challenging themselves and striving for more, you find yourself doing the same. 

Is there anything that you get grossed out by? Explain grossed out? I touch other people’s poop, blood and body fluids every day. I don’t enjoy poop. I wouldn’t touch poop if I didn’t have to, but it’s my job so I do it. Yeah it’s gross. It’s poop of course it’s gross. 

What can we look forward to seeing next from you? Expanding on my iheartautopsy merchandise! A book, more lectures, a TV show, who knows!

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Style Stud: Prince


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When I heard Prince had passed, my heart began to hurt. And quite frankly I didn’t know why. While I adored him, I wouldn’t throw myself in the category of his “number 1 fans.” Would I get down to “1999” and interpretively dance to “When Doves Cry”? Hell yes. But could I name 20 more songs … probably not

I think I was mostly fascinated by his persona … the man who could give you the hand and forever shame you without saying a word. The man who had the balls to change his name from “Prince” to “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.” That is AMAZING. No one will ever be cool enough to pull something like that off ever again. NO. ONE.

Prince was among the select few artists that paved the way for every “weirdo” to know it is okay to be yourself. And that just because you are “different” doesn’t make you any less worthy of love and respect. And best of all, to embrace who you are.

So while I know Style Studs are using Philly-based women, I had to select Prince today, because quite frankly no one had his swagger and style. If only I could strut like this man. If only.

The creative world has a major hole in it today, kids. So to all my Prince fans, and to all of the kids who never fit in … let’s pay our respects.




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Style Stud: Nicole Michalik of iHeartRadio

30001c41-2486-41ad-a44a-a0344e8626daNicole Michalik has most likely talked to you on your way to work or school. Given you the right pop culture dish to share with your friends or coworkers (you know … so you don’t look like a complete square), and perhaps even offered you a chance to win free concert tickets.

She’s been a staple in the Philly radio scene for years, wearing several different hats across the iHeartRadio network, from Nik the Web Chick to Nicole and Chio in the Morning.

I mean … this chick is BUSY. Talk about “girl boss.” She works hard and looks good doing it, if I do say so myself. SLAY, Nicole (isn’t that what the kids are saying nowadays??).

Now let’s do the damn thing and get to know the woman behind this iconic voice, shall we?

What is your most beloved item in your closet right now? This long black, kind of see through, but not really, tunic/shirt from Macy’s. It goes with gym clothes and heels. And also my Louis crossbody. I bought it for myself for my birthday this past summer. It’s like my husband and kids until I get my own.

Describe your style in 4-5 words.  Casual, classic, with a little edge.

What is your favorite on-air interview to date and why? Oh, this is always such a hard question. I have to go with Bradley Cooper. 1.  Because he’s my #1. 2. Because he lived up to everything I hoped and more. I interviewed him 3 times and hosted a movie screening with him. He was always down to earth, friendly, gave hugs (swoon) and told me, “wow, that is a great haircut” (double swoon)

Where could we find you on an average spring Saturday in Philly? Flywheel at 12:30pm (FLYBEATS!!!!), brunch, then just bee bopping around. I also LOVE my couch and catching up on my shows. I want to find a husband who loves me as much I as love laying on my couch. Ha!


You’re so open about your health and weight, which I think is awesome. What is a piece of advice you can give to someone with low self esteem or struggling with their self image? It’s fuc$king hard! I am very blessed with great hair, and not so blessed with a not so great metabolism (and hypothyroidism). So I try to focus on the good. I have an amazing family, amazing friends, amazing jobs, amazing apartment. The days where I get really upset about the scale, I remember that I used to be a size 24/26. And I just keep going. 

In a world where Podcasts rule, and streaming music is king, why do you think radio is so special? It’s a way for people to connect.  You turn on the radio and I am talking to you. I’m telling you a cool story about an event in Philly (like how Soul Cycle is FINALLY coming!) or how Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their 1-year anniversary, or how I think Chio is being ridiculous. It’s like having your friend in the car, at the gym, or on a walk with you. 


What inspires you? That I am a girl from a really small town in Pennsylvania who graduated with 104 kids in her class who always said she wanted to live in the city and be in entertainment. I always wanted this. It’s always been my passion. I’m inspired by people who have it a little harder than everyone else. I always felt I wasn’t the norm. I was always a little different. I still am really. I like being unique. Sometimes it just makes it harder, or takes longer to get where you want to go. Remembering that, keeps me going.

Since we only hear your voice, I have to ask, what is your work style like? Do you feel like you can dress down more, even go makeup free? I am pretty casual day-to-day, but I still always try to look presentable. Today I have on skinny jeans, a grey and cream open stripped shirt with a black tank underneath, my Yosi Samra flats, earrings, bracelet, and necklace. Almost every day I AM makeup FREE. I only wear makeup if I have a client meeting or an artist interview. I wake up at 4:30am, in work at 5:30am … so I’m not putting on a full face of makeup.  

Do you have a signature style? I LOVE my red lipstick. It works really well with my dark hair and blue eyes. 

What is your go-to lip color? Mac lip liner in “Follow Your Heart” and Mac lipstick in “Ruby Woo”.


I feel like as a radio personality, you have to be so connected, to social media channels, pop culture. How do you feel about that? Do you ever wish you could turn it all off?  I am the Director of Social Media, and I also get to do a lot of cool projects for national (i.e iHeartRadio Music Festival, iHeart Radio Music Awards), but yeah, sometimes it’s overwhelming. I love that it’s instant news, but there are times I wish things could just breath a little more. Plus, I loathe the Internet trolls. I hate that it produces so much hate. The whole culture of “mean behind the screen.” It makes me so sad and worried about the future.

Tell me … how do you feel about Beyonce’s new “atheleisure” line and will you purchase it? She’s a genius. She knows how to make money. If I like something, I’ll try it.  For now, Athleta is my go-to for workout gear. 

What is next for you? What does the rest of 2016 have in store? I would love to find the man of my dreams and lose some weight. Both are always such a struggle for me. I would love Bradley Cooper to come back to Philly for some more interviews, along with Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Gaga. Ha! Plus get some travel in. Not to mention have the show(s) grow so more people can hear our antics.