Lion Necklaces … So Hot Right Now … Lions

m_524c99615a38f35785023773Mondays suck. There. I said it. Something is always just, I don’t know, off. There is either not enough caffeine in the world to revive you, you just aren’t completely out of the “weekend” mindset, or you, like myself this morning, were so frazzled whilst leaving the house you remembered your tea, buuuuuuuuut not your wallet. Henceforth, I’m a bit cranky. But that is neither here nor there.

With all of that being said … let’s talk about lions!

I’ve become obsessed with ridiculously gaudy gold jewelry. I can’t tell you where my obsession stems from, but all I know is that it’s fun and really makes an outfit. For example yesterday I wore an all black outfit, rather boring, with an insanely large gold lion necklace, and was complimented up and down. And if I wasn’t wearing that necklace people would have probably just been like, “oh look at that sad little goth girl.”

So back to this lion necklace. I was first confronted by one about a year ago. My heart fluttered and cartoon hearts began to appear all around me, and all I could think about was Versace … well, Maya Rudolph playing Donatella Versace specifically. Versace is known for their gaudy gold. And this lion necklace was definitely a throw back to that. Did I buy it? Well … no. And I wish I had a good excuse for this, but let’s just blame it on my severe shoppers remorse that I’m plaqued with.

Fast forward to present day when I frolicking through Nordstrom Rack and WAH-LAH, there was the lion necklace. And not just any gold lion necklace, a larger more gaudy lion necklace. I wasn’t going to let this guy get away from me this time. And I didn’t. He now lives on my jewelry rack in my room with tons of free space to roam with the other gold gaudy jewelry I own.

What I’m saying here is everyone is usually uber cranky on Monday’s and doesn’t want to be doing the adult-like things they have to do in order to survive. But what makes all of that better, is a Versace-inspired lion necklace. Nothing says, “suck it Monday,” more than that. Am I right? Talk to the lion.

Alright, everyone go get a lion necklace. Promise?

Max and Chloe – $60

phpdH1288366064Romwe – $12



Charlotte Russe – $10.99


Kenneth Jay Lane – $70


The Go-To Bling Of Spring

CaptureAs you may or may not be aware, I have a serious costume jewelry addiction. If any of you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the contraption I bought at Home Goods yesterday in an effort to keep all of my necklaces organized and no longer in a jumbled pile. Turns out that contraption made me re-connect with a lot of bling I had neglected over the years … and is overall genius. I suggest any fellow costume jewelry-hoarders to invest in this. See above.

Listen, I’m not the Cartier ride-or-die kind of gal. I mean, sure I wouldn’t turn down a Love bracelet, I’m not a fool … but there is something about costume jewelry that makes my heart flutter … like Julia Roberts getting her hand bit by a jewelry box fluttered. It is fun, and most importantly, inexpensive so you can play around with different styles as much as you want. Throw on a pair of jeans, a random t-shirt and a statement necklace … and THAT, my friends, is what it is all about. THAT is magic.

A lot of people don’t get down with costume jewelry because of how fast it falls apart … and to that I say, that is straight up lazy person talk. It is all about how you take care for it. If you don’t polish silver, it tarnishes, right? And if you don’t care for your costume jewelry in a delicate manner, it will fall apart. I own several necklaces from Forever 21 that I’ve had for years. Why? Because I care for them. I don’t sleep in them, I don’t leave them on my floor to get stepped on, I don’t throw them in my purse … I treat them probably better than I treat most things … and people.

With that being said … my newest obsession is tribal-inspired jewels. It all started when I stole my mother’s tribal necklace she got in Mexico in the 70’s years back. It’s current state is … well … hmmm … fragile … and slightly falling apart … aaaaaaand I need to get it fixed. So I scoured the Interwebs for new tribal additions to my collection. I was beyond jazzed about what I found … my back account? Meh … not so much.

So yeah … I’m designating tribal-inspired jewels the bling of spring. Whether you are rocking a simple look and need a pop of color, or want to make a look more dynamic with mixing patterns and textures … this is this where its at, my friends. A

And now … let’s indulge in some of my faves, shall we?